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In an effort to protect the U.S. from the entry of terrorists and weapons of mass destruction, advanced technical capabilities are needed by the U.S. Customs With respect to the entry of weapons of mass destruction into the US, concerns have perhaps been greatest over the 16 million shipping containers that enter every year because before September 11th it was estimated that only 2% of them were opened and physically inspected. In order to meet the new requirement and enhance the performance and reliability of the overall system, Customs has recently embarked on a major modernization initiative of its Information Technology systems. 

Drawing in data from Customs trade systems, targeting inspectors review manifest information as well as strategic and tactical intelligence to determine which shipments and containers may be "high-risk" and which ones are not. This entails a great level of communication and data sharing between various government agencies.


The impact of this project is in many dimensions

1.    It devises solutions to accomplish secure interoperation among different government agencies.

2.    It advances the fundamental research in the areas of semantic interoperability, data mining and security enforcement

3.    As a result of the partnership of the research team with industry, SAP, which is the supplier of software to the Customs Modernization Program and contractor to IBM, the prime contractor for eCustoms Partnership (eCP) that is implementing Customs Modernization, it provides the opportunity to directly influence the practical needs of US Customs.

4.   The research and development work that will be undertaken in this project are generalizable and therefore can serve as a reference model to be adopted by related homeland security agencies.



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