Project Description

Title: Access Control for Spatial Databases
Principal Investigator: Vijay Atluri
Sponsor: National Science Foundation, 2003-2006

The focus of this project is to develop access control models, mechanisms and systems for spatial databases, in particular, geospatial and moving object databases. Low-cost commercial high-resolution satellite imagery, when coupled with the publicly available data, may pose significant threats to national security and privacy. Similar security and privacy concerns exist in moving object databases when sharing the location and profile information of mobile users. To address these issues, the proposed research will make several novel contributions including: development of a comprehensive authorization model for specifying access control policies for geospatial data based on the resolution and spatio-temporal attributes of the images, and based on the tabular data; devising a unified indexing structure to manage the geospatial authorizations as well as geospatial objects for efficient processing of access requests; development of an access control model for moving object databases to ensure the privacy of mobile consumers by protecting their profile, current location and movement information; and development of a combined index for authorizations and moving objects. The solutions to be developed, if successful, will help in building robust and powerful access control modules for geospatial and moving object databases, that may influence applications in satellite industry and mobile commerce.

Project Sub-Topics