ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2005 Conference

Baltimore, Maryland

June 14-16,2005 

Call for Proposals for Workshops
   (Collocated with SIGMOD/PODS 2005)

The 2005 SIGMOD/PODS conference will be held in Baltimore from June 13 to 16. As usual, we expect to have a number of workshops collocated with SIGMOD/PODS and either sponsored, co-sponsored, or held in cooperation with SIGMOD. The deadline for receipt of proposals for workshops is December 1.

A few hints for workshop organizers are attached below. In addition, note that if a sufficiently large number of papers is accepted for SIGMOD 2005, then the SIGMOD conference will last for three full days in 2005. Assuming that this happens, all workshops will take place on June 12 and June 17. In other words, workshops that take place after SIGMOD will be at most one day in length, rather than 1.5 days as in previous years. Proposals for half-day or 3/4 day workshops are also welcome.

Marianne Winslett, SIGMOD Vice-chair

Proposals must be submitted by email to, and must contain the information described at (for sponsored or co-sponsored workshops) or at (for workshops held in cooperation with SIGMOD). Note that one required item is the written agreement of the workshop proceedings copyright holder (e.g., ACM Press, Kluwer, Springer-Verlag) to allow the workshop proceedings to appear on the SIGMOD DISC. Depending on the publisher involved, it may require considerable lead time to obtain this permission. Another item required by ACM for in-cooperation conferences is proof of liability insurance, which can also require considerable lead time to obtain.

Our current expectation is that there will be room for two parallel workshop sessions all day on June 12 (the day before PODS begins) and for three parallel workshop sessions after SIGMOD ends. Workshop proposals should indicate whether the organizers would prefer a slot on June 12 or on June 17; it may not be possible to accommodate all date preferences, however.