ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2005 Conference

Baltimore, Maryland

June 13-16,2005 

SIGMOD Accepted Papers

  • CURLER: Finding and Visualizing Nonlinear Correlated Clusters
    Anthony K. H. Tung (National University of Singapore), Xin Xu (National University of Singapore), Beng Chin Ooi (National University of Singapore)

  • Mining Top-k Covering Rule Groups for Gene Expression Data
    Gao Cong (Univ. of Edinburgh), Kian-Lee Tan (National University of Singapore), Anthony K. H. Tung (National University of Singapore), Xin Xu (National University of Singapore)

  • Similarity Evaluation on Tree-structured Data
    Rui Yang (National University of Singapore), Panos Kalnis (National University of Singapore), Anthony K. H. Tung (National University of Singapore)

  • Incognito: Efficient Full-Domain K-Anonymity
    Kristen LeFevre (University of Wisconsin), David DeWitt (University of Wisconsin), Raghu Ramakrishnan (University of Wisconsin)

  • Stacked Materialized Views
    David DeHaan (University of Waterloo), Per-Ake Larson (Microsoft Research), Jingren Zhou (Microsoft Research)

  • Constrained Optimalities in Query Personalization
    Georgia Koutrika (University of Athens), Yannis Ioannidis (University of Athens)

  • A Nested Relational Approach to Processing SQL Subqueries
    Bin Cao (University of Louisville), Antonio Badia (University of Louisville)

  • Guaranteeing Correctness and Availability in P2P Range Indices
    Prakash Linga (Cornell University), Adina Crainiceanu (Cornell University), Johannes Gehrke (Cornell University), Jayavel Shanmugasundaram (Cornell University)

  • Page Quality: In Search of an Unbiased Web Ranking
    Junghoo Cho (UCLA), Sourashis Roy (UCLA), Robert Adams (UCLA)

  • On Joining and Caching Stochastic Streams
    Junyi Xie (Duke University), Jun Yang (Duke University), Yuguo Chen (Duke University)

  • Goals and Benchmarks for Autonomic Configuration Recommenders
    Mariano Consens (University of Toronto), Denilson Barbosa (University of Toronto), Adrian M. Teisanu (University of Toronto), Laurent Mignet (IBM India Research Lab)

  • Privacy Preserving OLAP
    Rakesh Agrawal (IBM Almaden), Ramakrishnan Srikant (IBM Almaden), Dilys Thomas (Stanford University)

  • Supporting Executable Mappings in Model Management
    Sergey Melnik (Microsoft Research), Philip A. Bernstein (Microsoft Research), Alon Halevy (University of Washington), Erhard Rahm (University of Leipzig)

  • STRG-Index: Spatio-Temporal Region Graph Indexing for Large Video Databases
    JeongKyu Lee (University of Texas at Arlington), JungHwan Oh (University of Texas at Arlington), Sae Hwang (University of Texas at Arlington)

  • Towards a Robust Query Optimizer: A Principled and Practical Approach
    Brian Babcock (Stanford University), Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Research)

  • A Cost-Based Model and Effective Heuristic for Repairing Constraints by Value Modification
    Philip Bohannon (Bell Labs), Michael Flaster (Bell Labs), Wenfei Fan (University of Edinburgh and Bell Labs), Rajeev Rastogi (Bell Labs India)

  • TriCluster: An Effective Algorithm for Mining Coherent Clusters in 3D
    Microarray Data Lizhuang Zhao (RPI), Mohammed Zaki (RPI)

  • Update-Pattern-Aware Modeling and Processing of Continuous Queries
    Lukasz Golab (University of Waterloo), M. Tamer Ozsu (University of Waterloo)

  • To Do or Not To Do: The Dilemma of Disclosing Anonymized Data
    Laks Lakshmanan (UBC), Raymond Ng (University of British Columbia), Ganesh Ramesh (University of British Columbia)

  • DogmatiX Tracks down Duplicates in XML
    Melanie Weis (Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin), Felix Naumann (Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin)

  • Cost-Sensitive Reordering of Navigational Primitives
    Matthias Brantner (University of Mannheim), Carl-Christian Kanne (University of Mannheim), Guido Moerkotte (University of Mannheim)

  • Middleware based Data Replication providing Snapshot Isolation
    Yi Lin (Mcgill University), Bettina Kemme (McGill University), Marta Patino-Martinez (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain), Ricardo Jimenez-Peris (Universidad Ploitecnica de Madrid, Spain)

  • SHIFT-SPLIT: I/O Efficient Maintenance of Wavelet-Transformed Multidimensional Data
    Mehrdad Jahangiri (USC), Dimitris Sacharidis (USC), Cyrus Shahabi (University of Southern California)

  • Subsequence Matching on Structured Time Series Data
    Huanmei Wu (Northeastern University), Betty Salzberg (Northeastern University), Gregory Sharp (Harvard Medical School), Steve Jiang (Harvard Medical School), Hiroki Shirato (Hokkaido University), David Kaeli (Northeastern University)

  • Multiple Aggregations Over Data Streams
    Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs Research), Nick Koudas (University of Toronto), Rui Zhang (National University of Singapore), Beng Chin Ooi (National University of Singapore)

  • A Verifier for Interactive, Data-Driven Web Applications
    Alin Deutsch (UCSD), Monica Marcus (UCSD), Liying Sui (UCSD), Victor Vianu (UCSD), Dayou Zhou (UCSD)

  • Magnet: Supporting Navigation in Semistructured Data Environments
    Vineet Sinha (MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), David Karger (MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)

  • BRAID: Stream Mining through Group Lag Correlations
    Yasushi Sakurai (NTT), Spiros Papadimitriou (Carnegie Mellon University), Christos Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • Query-Sensitive Embeddings
    Vassilis Athitsos (Boston University), Marios Hadjieleftheriou (University of California, Riverside), George Kollios (Boston
    University), Stan Sclaroff (Boston University)

  • Online B-tree Merging
    Xiaowei Sun (College of Computer and Information Science, Northeatern University), Rui Wang (College of Computer and Information Science, Northeastern University), Betty Salzberg (Northeastern University), Chendong Zou (IBM)

  • Fast and Approximate Stream Mining of Quantiles and Frequencies Using Graphics Processors
    Naga Govindaraju (UNC Chapel Hill), Nikunj Raghuvanshi (UNC Chapel Hill), Dinesh Manocha (UNC Chapel Hill)

  • Towards Effective Indexing for Very Large Video Sequence Database
    Heng Tao Shen (ITEE), Beng Chin Ooi (National University of Singapore), Xiaofang Zhou (ITEE, University of Queensland), Zi Huang (School of ITEE, University of Queensland)

  • Mining Periodic Patterns with Gap Requirement from Sequences
    Minghua Zhang (The University of Hong Kong), Ben Kao (Department of Computer Science, University of Hong Kong), David Cheung (The University of Hong Kong), Kevin Yip (The University of Hong Kong)

  • Reference Reconciliation in Complex Information Spaces
    Xin (Luna) Dong (UW CSE), Alon Halevy (University of Washington), Jayant Madhavan (UW CSE), Ema Nemes (UW CSE)

  • AGILE: Adaptive Indexing for Context-Aware Information Filters
    Peter M. Fischer (ETH Zurich), Donald Kossmann (ETH Zurich), Jens-Peter Dittrich (ETH Zurich)

  • Query Algebra and Optimization for Relational Top-k Queries
    Chengkai Li (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Kevin Chang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Ihab Ilyas (University of Waterloo), Sumin Song (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

  • Fossilized Index: The Linchpin of Trustworthy Non-Alterable Electronic Records
    Qingbo Zhu (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Windsor Hsu (IBM Almaden Research Center)

  • Lazy XML Updates: Laziness as a Virtue of Update and Structural Join Efficiency
    Barbara Catania (Univ. of Genoa), Beng Chin Ooi (National Univ. of Singapore), Wenqiang Wang (National Univ. of Singapore), Xiaoling Wang (Fudan Univ.)

  • Substructure Similarity Search in Graph Databases
    Xifeng Yan (Univ. of Illinois), Philip Yu (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Jiawei Han (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

  • Availability-Consistency Trade-offs in a Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing System
    Magdalena Balazinska (CSAIL - MIT), Hari Balakrishnan (CSAIL - MIT), Sam Madden (MIT), Michael Stonebraker (CSAIL - MIT)

  • Automatic Physical Database Tuning: A Relaxation-based Approach
    Nicolas Bruno (Microsoft), Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Research)

  • Proactive Re-optimization
    Shivnath Babu (Stanford University), Pedro Bizarro (University of Wisconsin - Madison), David DeWitt (University of Wisconsin)

  • Verifying Completeness of Relational Query Results in Data Publishing
    HweeHwa Pang (Institute for Infocomm Research), Arpit Jain (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay), Krithi Ramamritham (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay), Kian-Lee Tan (National University of Singapore)

  • A Disk-Based Join With Probabilistic Guarantees
    Christopher Jermaine (University of Florida), Alin Dobra (University of Florida), Subramanian Arumugam (University of Florida), Shantanu Joshi (University of Florida), Abhijit Pol (University of Florida)

  • Relational Confidence Bounds Are Easy With The Bootstrap
    Abhijit Pol (University of Florida), Christopher Jermaine (University of Florida)

  • When Can We Trust Progress Estimators for SQL Queries?
    Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Research), Raghav Kaushik (Microsoft Research), Ravishankar Ramamurthy (Microsoft Research)

  • Stratified Computation of Skylines with Partially-Ordered Domains
    Chee-Yong Chan (National University of Singapore), Pin-Kwang Eng (National University of Singapore), Kian-Lee Tan (National University of Singapore)

  • Efficient Computation of Multiple Group By Queries
    Zhimin Chen (Microsoft), Vivek Narasayya (Microsoft)

  • System RX: One Part Relational, One Part XML
    Fatma Ozcan (IBM Almaden Research Center), Roberta Cochrane (IBM Almaden Research Center), Hamid Pirahesh (IBM Almaden Research Center), Jim Kleewein (IBM), Kevin Beyer (IBM Almaden Research), Vanja Josifovski (IBM Almaden Research Center), Chun Zhang (IBM Almaden Research Center)

  • RPJ: Producing Fast Join Results on Streams through Rate-based Optimization
    Yufei Tao (Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong), Man Lung Yiu (University of Hong Kong), Dimitris Papadias (HKUST), Nikos Mamoulis (University of Hong Kong), Marios Hadjieleftheriou (University of California, Riverside)

  • On Boosting Holism in XML Twig Pattern Matching using Structural Indexing Techniques
    Ting Chen (School of Computing, National University of Singapore), Jiaheng Lu (NUS), Tok Wang Ling (Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore)

  • Conceptual Partitioning: An Efficient Method for Continuous Nearest Neighbor Monitoring
    Dimitris Papadias (HKUST), Kyriakos Mouratidis (HKUST), Marios Hadjieleftheriou (University of California, Riverside)

  • Sampling Algorithms in a Stream Operator
    Ted Johnson (AT&T Labs), S. Muthukrishnan (Dept. of CS, Rutgers), Irina Rozenbaum (Dept. of CS, Rutgers)

  • QPipe: A Simultaneously Pipelined Relational Query Engine
    Stavros Harizopoulos (Carnegie Mellon University), Vladislav Shkapenyuk (Carnegie Mellon University), Anastassia Ailamaki (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • Robust and Fast Similarity Search for Moving Object Trajectories
    Lei Chen (University of Waterloo), Tamer Ozsu (University of Waterloo), Vincent Oria (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

  • Semantics and Evaluation Techniques for Window Aggregates in Data Streams
    Jin Li (Portland State University), David Maier (Portland State University), Kristin Tufte (Portland State University), Vassilis
    Papadimos (Portland State University), Peter Tucker (Whitworth College)

  • Tributaries and Deltas: Efficient and Robust Aggregation in Sensor Network Streams
    Amit Manjhi (Carnegie Mellon University), Suman Nath (Carnegie Mellon University), Phillip Gibbons (Intel Research Pittsburgh)

  • Incremental Maintenance of Path Expression Views
    Junichi Tatemura (NEC Laboratories America), Arsany Sawires (NEC Laboratories America), Oliver Po (NEC Laboratories America), Divyakant Agrawal (NEC Laboratories America), K. Selcuk Candan (NEC Laboratories America)

  • Efficient Management of Inconsistent Databases
    Ariel Fuxman (University of Toronto), Elham Fazli (University of Toronto), Renee J. Miller (University of Toronto)

  • Efficient Keyword Search for Smallest LCAs in XML Databases
    Yu Xu (UCSD), Yannis Papakonstantinou (UCSD)

  • Extending XQuery for Analytics
    Kevin Beyer (IBM Almaden Research), Don Chamberlin (IBM Almaden Research Center), Latha Colby (IBM), Fatma Ozcan (IBM Almaden Research Center), Hamid Pirahesh (IBM Almaden Research Center), Yu Xu (UCSD)

  • Holistic Aggregates in a Networked World: Distributed Tracking of Approximate Quantiles
    Graham Cormode (Bell Labs), Minos Garofalakis (Bell Labs), S. Muthukrishnan (Dept. of CS, Rutgers), Rajeev Rastogi (Bell Labs)

  • A Generic Framework for Monitoring Continuous Spatial Queries over Moving Objects
    Haibo Hu (HKUST), Jianliang Xu (HKBU), Dik Lee (Hong Kong Univ. of Sci. & Tech.)

  • Predicate Result Range Caching for Continuous Queries
    Matthew Denny (University of California, Berkeley), Michael Franklin (UC Berkeley)

  • Deriving Private Information from Randomized Data
    Zhengli Huang (Syracuse University), Wenliang Du (ECS of Syracuse University), Biao Chen (ECS of Syracuse University)