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The Rutgers-CIMIC Regional Applications Center (RAC) maintains a large database of satellite imagery. Sources of these images include daily downloads of NOAA satellite passes, historical NDVI composites and assorted Landsat, Radar and Orthophoto images.
Those interested in more technical details about the types of remotely sensed data available in CIMIC's Image Database can refer to: An Overview of Earth Observation Imagery at CIMIC

The primary interface to this database is a search form that allows users to retrieve images based on:
- the particular satellite or sensor instrument used to capture the image
- the data type (raw, composites, NDVI, water, temperature)
- the date of acquisition of the image
Users have the option to search the image database utilizing two different access methods or indexing techniques (for more information refer to the 'Help on Image Searching' page). The search results will be the same indipendently of the method that is selected.

The secondary interface is a form that allows database administrators to update the contents of the external indexing structure used to query the image database:
- insert a new record
- delete an existing record

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