Summer Camp'98
Environmental Problem Solving Using Computer Applications

Hackensack Meadowland District Commission (HMDC)

Field Trip to HMDC
Monday, July 20, 1998

On Monday, July 20, we went to visit the HMDC Environment Center in Lyndhurst, NJ.

The first stop was the Environment Center where we talked about the HMDC and the types of wetlands in this part of NJ. HMDC has a diorama set up showing the marsh habitat and the plant and animal species that inhabit it. Below, Dr. Artigas talks with some students about the habitat:

Next, we went out on the landfill (now closed) adjacent to the HMDC and looked out across the wetlands:

Our guide, HMDC education specialist Gabrielle Bennett-Meany ("Gabby"), explained the different types of marshlands including brackish marsh (a mix of saltwater and fresh water). She also explained how the marsh works to cleanse the water and that it supports a wide variety of plant and animal species.

Our next stop was the nature trail that runs around the HMDC headquarters. Students paired up and took turns "fishing" for grass shrimp and killifish:

The final stop on the tour was a shallow muddy area (at low tide) where students uncovered some fiddler crabs:

Back at HMDC, Dr. Artigas recapped the visit and students discussed the various land types they had seen on the hike and the importance of preserving the wetlands.

A picture of the HMDC Headquarters from across the bay:

the end!

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