CIMIC/Rutgers University
Regional Application Center (RAC)

Metadata Creation Form
for CIMIC Digital Geospatial Data files (vector/image files)

This form is to create metadata for each vector and image files produced and created by CIMIC RAC group. Each resource file is stored in Oracle database with these metadata information. This metadata set is selected from and tries to be compliant to FGDS metadata standards.

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MetaData Information:

File Name:
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Geographic area:
Data Format:
Presentation Form:
Data Theme:
Data Source:
Acquisition Date:
Last Update:
Resolution :
Available Media:
Compression Type:
File size compressed:
File size uncompressed:
South boundary coordinate:
North boundary coordinate
East boundary coordinate
West boundary coordinate
DBF File:
SHX File:
Metadata standard File:
Contact Person:
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