Turning the Tide in the Meadowlands: How Science Effects Change


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In the Meadowlands, science laid the foundation for a massive reversal of public policy. Buoyed by data documented by scientists, the North Jersey environmental community, and Hackensack Riverkeeper in particular, has been able to make the case for the protection, preservation and restoration of the Meadowlands at every public hearing, in every news article and at every meeting with public officials.


It has taken the better part of a decade, but finally policy-makers have come to understand what scientists, nature enthusiasts and much of the

general public have known for some time: that the remaining 8,400 acres of wetlands habitat in the Meadowlands is precious and must be protected. Just this year, the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission proposed a Master Plan that mandates that not one acre of wetlands be filled in. This is an incredible victory that could not have been won had it not been for the work of the scientific community.


This presentation will outline some of the most recent developments in the Meadowlands and will directly illustrate how scientific data influenced