The Future of Electronic Commerce and Its Impact on Your Business.

October 21, 1998, at 8:30am

Franklin Institute,

20th and the Parkway 3rd Floor Auditorium

Philadelphia PA

Sponsored by: Internet Business Alliance (IBA,



 The seminar is sponsored by the Internet Business Alliance (IBA, which is a non-profit organization. The purpose and mission of the IBA is to increase the awareness of businesses regarding the Internet as a business-to-busi ness model for the conduct of commerce. Member organization include developers, hosting services, systems integrators, solutions providers and business consumers. The focus of this discussion will be on the most recent and projected future developments in the ecommerce business model. The discussion will center around (1) what technologies companies must employ to remain competitive (2) examine the influence ecommerce will have in developing international business opportunities (3) standards required to o vercome domestic and international trade barriers.


Among the Panelists:

Nabil R. Adam Ph.D.,

Professor of Computers & Information Systems and the Director of the Rutgers University Center for Information Management, Integration, and Connectivity (CIMIC). Published 9 books, 2 on Electronic Commerce, member of Who's Who, founder and editor o f the International Journal of Digital Libraries and Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Electronic Commerce.


Ms. Betty Harvey, President, Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. Ms.

Harvey, is an internationally recognized expert in SGML and XML/EDI. She has co-authored two books and made numerous presentations in Europe and the United States.


Mr. James Freed, President, Impac Technologies.

Impac Technologies has been recognized as one of the "Fast 50" in the Mid-Atlantic region. An IBM Net.commerce partner, Mr. Freed is a sound practitioner of Internet business development. Impac Technologies is a privately held company that provides web development, hosting services, order fulfillment, network management and consulting services.