Center for Information Management, Integration and Connectivity

Conference Announcement:
Electronic Commerce Program and Opportunities
in The Federal Government

Date: Wed., October 28, 1998
Time: 12:00-5:00pm
Location: Rutgers Newark, Ackerson Hall, Room 106
Rutgers New Brunswick, Livingston, Janice Levin Bldg, Room 219


  General Services Administration, Federal Electronic Commerce Program Office
University of Maryland Baltimore County, Institute of Electronic Commerce
Rutgers University CIMIC (Center for Information Management, Integration, and Connectivity)



* Electronic commerce graduate program students, faculty, and administartors of UMBC and Rutgers
* Management and staff of the Federal Electronic Commerce Program Office
* Electronic commerce program managers from Federal agencies
* Invited guests


Federal agencies are very active in reengineering a wide range of business practices to reduce administrative and operational costs and to improve service to the citizens and other constituencies through the use of electronic commerce technologies and practices. The Federal Electronic Commerce Program Office recognizes the need to work closely with universities to help educate and develop electronic commerce professionals. Through an alliance with UMBC and Rutgers University CIMIC, the Federal Electronic Commerce Program Office will:

* Contribute to the development of electronic commerce professionals,

* Support graduate education in electronic commerce,

* Support electronic commerce research,

* Provide Federal work experience for electronic commerce graduate students, and

* Assist Federal agencies with their developmental projects and studies.



Conference Schedule

12:00-1:00 P.M. Refreshments
1:00-1:15 P.M. Opening Remarks
Introductions of Guests Speakers
John Hart, Federal Electronic Commerce Program Office, GSA
 1:15-1:30 P.M. Overview of the UMBC Electronic Commerce Program
Shlomo Carmi, PhD, Dean Engineering (UMBC)
1:30-1:45 P.M. Overview of Rutgers-CIMIC Electronic Commerce Program
Nabil R. Adam, PhD, Professor and Director, CIMIC
 1:45-2:00 P.M. Overview of the General Services Administration
Electronic Commerce Program,
Tony Trenkle, Director Office of Electronic Commerce, GSA 
2:00-2:20 P.M. Break
2:20-3:40 P.M. Governmentwide Presentations on Electronic Commerce Initiatives
Teresa Sorrenti, Federal Supply Service, GSA
Charles Nettaway, U.S. Geological Survey, DOI
Ken Stepka, NASA
Jerry Williams, DoD
Barbara Goldstein, NIST

 3:40-4:00 P.M. Federal Work Program Opportunities
Thomas Cowley, Office of Human Resources, GSA
Vanny Marrero, Office of Human Resources, GSA
 4:00-4:30 P.M. Panel discussion



Dr. Nabil R. Adam, Director

180 University Avenue, Newark, NJ 07102-1895

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