IFIP TC 11 WG 3: Data Application Security






Welcome to the home page for IFIP WG 11.3 on Data and Application Security. IFIP WG 11.3 was formed in 1986 to stimulate activities in both data security research and in the application of data security techniques. The goal in forming the working group was to encourage the development of better techniques for stating data security requirements, for designing, building, and implementing data management systems that satisfy security requirements, and for assuring that the systems meet their requirements in actual operation.

WG 11.3 draws its members from both the computer security and the data management systems research communities in order to produce solutions to data security problems that are of practical significance. (see membership rules)

WG 11.3 holds annual working conferences that are open to the larger data security research community. These working conferences are structured so to allow ample time for discussion of relevant topics. The conference proceedings are published by Springer under the LNCS series .


November 2006: 

        IFIP WG11.3 DBSEC 2007, Rodondo Beach, CA. Paper Submission due (March 2, 2007)

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Aim and Scope of the Group

     The aim and scope of the IFIP WG11.3 group is

  • To advance technologies that support:
    • the statement of security requirements for data management systems;
    • the design, implementation, and operation of data management systems that include security functions; and
    • the assurance that implemented data management systems meet their security requirements.
  • To promote wider understanding of the risks to society of operating data management systems that lack adequate measures for security or privacy.
  • To encourage the application of existing technologies for enhancing the security of data management systems.


Contact information

For more information contact the WG11.3 Chair (Pierangela Samarati).