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July 16th, 1999, 10:00a.m.
Management Education Center - Room 309

Snehamay Banerjee
Assoc. Prof. of MIS and Computer Science;
Rutgers - Camden

Internet EDI: Implementation Strategies & Collaborative Planning Models


EDI has traditionally referred to formatted exchange of electronic messages using value-added networks (VAN). However, the recent popularity of the Internet, and advances in technology has resulted in several new web-based alternatives for electronic document interchange. This presentation highlights the need to examine EDI use from an integrated business and technology perspective. This perspective includes the different dimensions of EDI use such as depth, breadth, diversity as well as different technology alternatives that go into building a portfolio of EDI applications. First part of the presentation will focus on selection of Internet based EDI strategies.

However, increasing EDI use by itself does not generate substantial benefits to EDI adopters. Frequent exchange of information necessitates development of models and procedures to take advantage of such information exchange. Second part of the presentation will include a Demand Driven Production and Distribution (DDPD) framework representing a strategy in which suppliers, distributors and retailers jointly commit to work closely in a cooperative and coordinated manner, in order to develop a leaner, faster, more responsive and less costly supply chain management system. Such a strategy will be impossible to implement without EDI. The presentation will also discuss the prototype implemented using standard software such as Access and Excel.


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