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E-Government Workshop        Presentations

May 3, 2001- Robeson Campus Center, Room 226

Rutgers CIMIC has been actively involved in digital government efforts since its inception.CIMIC's research and development efforts in digital government have been supported by several New Jersey government agencies and, most recently, by the National Science Foundation.A recent NSF funded project initiated the latest digital government effort aimed at automating the services provided by state agencies.Working in collaboration with Columbia University, the University of Maryland Baltimore County and the NJ State Office of Information Technology (OIT), the current effort is centered on automating the business registration process with the State.Our "human-centered e-government portal'' guides entrepreneurs and make the entire process transparent by employing customized workflow technology.

In addition to these activities, CIMIC has been collaborating with the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission since 1995, a state agency charged with balancing preservation and development of a 32-square-mile district in northern NJ.A portion of this collaborative effort has culminated in a web-based information system called "digital meadowlands."This system integrates data from a variety of sources including satellite and aerial imagery, GIS data, automated monitoring data and traditional databases.

In this E-Government event, Rutgers CIMIC and its collaborators will present their contributions to these and other digital government projects including research, innovative technologies and prototype as well as working systems.


10:15am - Welcome - Dr. Nabil Adam

10:30am - Remarks - Provost Dr. Norman Samuels

Dean Howard Tuckman, Faculty of Management

Ms. Wendy Rayner, Chief Information Officer, NJ 

Mary Mitchell, Program Executive E-government & policy, GSA

Alan Steinberg, Executive Director, HMDC, The State of New Jersey

Dr. Larry Brandt, Director of E-Government, National Science Foundation

11:30am - Presentation of E-government Project - Dr. Vijay Atluri

12:15pm - CIMIC's Web-GIS and Educational Projects-Dr. Francisco Artigas 

12:35pm - Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute & collaborations with the 

Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission- Dr. Kirk Barrett

1:00pm - Lunch & Demonstration

2:00pm - Presentation - Dr. Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou

2:30pm - Presentation - Dr. Yelena Yesha

2:45pm - Presentation - Dr. Richard Holowczak

Please RSVP as soon as possible to Farrah Maffai,, 973-353-1014

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List of Attendees: 

Wendy Rayner, CIO, The State of New Jersey

Adel Abeid, CTO, The State of New Jersey

Odysseous Marcopolus, Director of E-government Division of OIT, The State of New Jersey

Mary Mitchell, Program Executive E-government & policy, GSA

Alan Steinberg, Executive Director, HMDC, The State of New Jersey 

Irfan Bora, CFO, HMDC, The State of New Jersey

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