Advanced Technologies
in Real-Time Monitoring and Modeling for Drinking Water Safety and Security
June 27-28, 2002
Ron Hunsinger
Manager of Water Quality
Oakland, California

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Utility Safety Concerns

"Current Monitoring"
Current Monitoring
Designed to meet regulatory and operational needs
Source, Treatment & Distribution
On-line and Grab Samples
Current Model

"“One of the most..."
“One of the most challenging feats for those responsible for the public health is the interpretation of information in real time with inadequate or incomplete data.”
Dr. Marcelle Layton, Head of Communicable Diseases from the New York City Bureau of Communicable Diseases (NYCDOH)

Model Needs
Water Quality Model including properties of probable agents

Sensor Needs
Address contaminants of concern

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ISO Performance Characteristics

Implementation Issues
Sampling System
Data Collection and Use
Quality Assurance


"AWWARF Resources"
AWWARF Resources
Design of Early Warning and Predictive Source-Water Monitoring Systems [#2527] Contractor: Walter Grayman Consulting Engineer and University of Michigan
On-line Monitoring for Drinking Water Utilities [#2545]
Contractor: AWWA Research Foundation and CRS PROAQUA
Practical Application of On-Line Monitoring  [#2516]
Contractor: McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Innovative Systems for Early Warning Water Monitoring  [#2779] Contractor: Kiwa N.V.

AWWARF Resources (Cont’d)

Advancement Of Early Warning System Technologies – Phase 1  (RFP 2852) Contractor: To be selected (Proposals due July 15, 2002, RFP available at
Inventory and Assess Analytic Capabilities of Existing Monitoring Technologies for Use as Early Warning/Real-Time Systems Technologies
Contractor: To be determined
Extraction Methods for Early/Real-time Warning Systems for Biological Agents Contractor: To be determined