Camp 1998

Eighteen students from fourteen schools in the greater Newark area are
participating in the Space Technology Summer Computer Camp, which is
co- sponsored by Rutgers-CIMIC and the Newark Public Schools' Office
of Instructional Technology.  CIMIC, which is under the Directorship
of Dr. Nabil Adam, and the coordination of Dr. Francisco Artigas, is
hosting the camp which give students real world experiences with
technology in a problem based learning environment. Problem based
learning is a teaching/learning process that concurrently develops
both problem solving strategies and disciplinary knowledge and skills
by placing students in the active role of problem solvers confronted
with a real world problem.

The problem for exploration at the camp focuses on the Hackensack
Meadowlands Development District, one of CIMIC's sponsors.  One of the
nations biggest builders of shopping malls wants to construct New
Jersey's biggest retail complex on a tract of land within the HMDC
district. There are environmental groups that oppose the project
because it would mean developing what is now wild life habitat
(wetlands) and open spaces.  Other groups oppose the selected site
because it is located one quarter of a mile away from two massive
storage tanks.  These twin storage tanks contain 12.4 million gallons
of liquified natural gas (LNG), one of the more combustible and highly
regulated fuels in the country.  The question is whether the selected
site is the best site and, if there is a better alternative location
for the mall within the HMDC District.

Working in teams, students are using satellite images from the Rutgers
NASA Regional Application Center, maps and planning documents to
research and analyze the problem. Using state-of-the-art presentation
packages each team will present their findings and propose an
alternative site for the mall.  Presentations will be open to the
public and will take place July 24th at 10:00 A.M. Presentation will
be held at the Management and Education Center Room 203. 81 New
Street. Rutgers University Newark.