Space Technology Computer Summer Camp1999

Environmental Problem Solving Using Computer Applications

Sponsored by the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission (HMDC)

Forming Groups and Group Rules

Group Name:

  • Each group must have a group name
  • Group name must be unanimously agreed upon.

Each Group Will Get Organized and Establish the Following:

  1. Group Leader (appointed):
  2. Responsible to make sure all members participate in all group activities, and to make sure the group meets it's daily deadlines.

  3. Supply Manager:
  4. Each group will be given a set of supplies they will need to carry on daily tasks. The supply manager is responsible for these supplies. *Any damaged or lost supplies will not be replaced.

  5. Note Taker:
  6. This person should have decent legible handwriting. Responsible for writing down text for the presentation, as well as other notes that may need to be taken throughout the day.

  7. Record Keeper:
  8. This person will collect and organize any data, and text (provided by Note Taker) in a binder and /or diskette (if applicable).

    *For groups with only four students the Record Keeper and Note Taker will be the same person.

  9. Speaker:

This person is responsible for communicating to the rest of the class on the behalf of his/ her group.




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