Space Technology Computer Summer Camp1999

Environmental Problem Solving Using Computer Applications

 Sponsored by the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission (HMDC)


This page includes important camp forms and documentation!


Camden Middle Model Technology School


The Newark Public Schools


Josephine McDowell, Principal

Charlette Jennings, Project Manager

Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Grant

Technology Middle Schools

June 28, 1999

 Dear Parents,

On Thursday, July 8, 1999, your child will attend a field trip to the Hackensack Meadowland Environmental Center in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. The trip is planned as part of the activities with the Summer Space Technology Computer Camp sponsored by the Center for Information Management Integration and Connectivity, Rutgers University. The campers will conduct a study of the marshland birds, plants, and fish that live there during the year.

Campers will complete a report on their study using computer technology to find additional information about the salt marsh. Parents are encouraged to discuss the field trip experience with their child.

Final projects will be posted on the CIMIC Rutgers homepage. Electronic photos may be posted to the web as well. There may be media coverage by local newspapers of the field trip. In this case parental permission is required before any pictures of student activity are taken. Below is a Request for Permission for your child to participate in activities that may be posted to the website or appear in local newspaper. If you do not wish your child to appear in any media coverage or posted to webpage, please indicate so on the permission slip.

If there are any questions regarding the field trip or permission to photograph, please contact me at the number above. Thank you for your cooperation.

Very truly yours,

Charlette Jennings

Project Manager






Date: July 09, 1999 9am - 12pm

School: Camden Middle School

Trip to: Hackensack Meadowlands Environmental Center Lyndhurst, NJ

Pupil's Name: ___________________

It is hereby requested that the above mentioned pupil be permitted to take this trip, and in consideration of such permission, it is agreed by the undersigned as follows:

Neither the Board nor any of its employees shall assume responsibility for any intentional conduct of the student that results in a claim arising out of this trip. All claims for intentional conduct are hereby waived. The undersigned will indemnify and save harmless the Board and its employees from all liability for claims arising out of intentional and/or contributorally negligent conduct of the student and as against the Board and it's agents and employees. "Trip" includes the period between the time when the pupil leaves the school and returns home.




Parent's Signature




Parent's Signature




Student's Signautre




Form 23A- Rev. 86



The Newark Public Schools

2 Cedar Street, Newark, NJ 07102



This form is for media interviews with students for publications and programs. Parent's permission must be obtained prior to television, film, video or print publication interviews. This also applies to photographs of students taken for the various media.

I, ______________________, the parent of ______________________ at

(Parent's name above)                                      (Student's name above)

Camden Middle Model Technology school, do grant my permission for my son/daughter to appear in an article/photograph/televised news program produced by Rutgers Center for Information Management. Integration, and Connectivity, 180 University Ave, Newark, NJ 07002, in partnership with Camden Middle Technology School (NJ TLCF-TMS Grant) Newark Public Schools.

I understand that this interview is designed to showcase my son/daughter's participation in an academic setting and is not for a profit venture. Therefore, no fees will be paid to me or my child by said organization, individual, or company.








Parent/guardian signature




Street address, city and state

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