Summer Computer Camp'98
Environmental Problem Solving Using Computer Applications

Hackensack Meadowland District Commission (HMDC)

July 6, Monday -- July 23, Thursday
9:00AM -- 12:00PM
Engalhard Hall, 92 New Street, ADP Classroom

Center for Information Management, Integration, and Connectivity
Rutgers University
Newark, New Jersey

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The Objective of The Space Technology Computer Summer Camp

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is committed to supporting the future of the state. The Newark campus of Rutgers currently offers several special outreach programs to local youth. This summer computer workshop is a joint effort between the Center for Information Management, Integration, and Connectivity (CIMIC) and the Newark Public Schools, Science Instruction Program. CIMIC staff, in collaboration with the captains of Newark Public School counterparts, is offering this outreach program for the purpose of providing girls and boys ages 12-18 with enriched hands-on instruction in the area of computer and information technology.

The goals are to:

Summer Computer Camp 1998


Students are introduced a specific real-world environmental problem . Students become aware of environmental issues and impact of environmental problems. Students suggest how to approach to solve the problem. They engage in data gathering, arranging and analyzing data to support their decision on the problem solving. The writing skills, analytical skills and multi-media presentation skills will be developed in the course of solving the problem. Ability to work with group is learned.


Cooperative Group activities. Each student is assigned a role for his/her group, such as group manager, group editor, group spokesperson, and group recorder. Each group gathers data using a variety of methods, such as interviews, surveys, internet research, library reference books. Each group prepares the report and presentation of group progress each day.

Computer Skills needed:

Participating Public Schools

Program Staff (Volunteers)

Topics and Lecture Schedule (Tentative)

Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Classwork & Project

During the class, students will get hands-on experience via lab practice, and the term project- Environmental problem solving.

Latest Update: July 20, 1998