The Columbia Mail Manager E-Mail Program

FunctionHow to Do It
Starting the MM program
  1. Make sure you are logged in to the CIMIC 3 host as described in the Telnet section above.
  2. Type mm and press Enter.
  3. Something similar to the following will appear: Columbia MM, Rutgers version 1.4(1) Please report any bugs using MM's BUG command, or send mail to BUG-MM. Suggestions are also welcome. Reading /home/holowcza/mail.txt ... 1 messages read N 1) 8-Jul Barry Davis Welcome to MUSIC (1186 chars) [ H=headers R=read REV=review S=send Q=quit BYE ?=Hints HELP ] MM>
  4. The MM> prompt is the main prompt for the MM mail program.
  5. To quit, type q and then press Enter.
Reading a New Mail Message
  1. At the MM> prompt, type r and press Enter. This will put you in the reading mode.
  2. The first message will be displayed for you.
  3. If the message is longer than one screen, press the space bar to view the next page.
  4. When you have read the message, you will return to the reading mode prompt R>
  5. To get back to the MM> prompt, type q and then press Enter.
Sending a New Mail Message
  1. Make sure you are at the MM> prompt.
  2. Type s and press Enter.
  3. You will be prompted for three things:
    • to: - The e-mail address of the person you are sending the message to.
    • cc: - The e-mail address of anyone you would like to get a copy of this message.
    • subject: - A brief subject of your message.
  4. For this example, fill these in as follows pressing Enter after each:
         to: holowcza@cimic3.rutgers.edu
         cc: badavis@cimic3.rutgers.edu
         subject: My First E-Mail Message
  5. At this point, the following prompt will appear:
     Message (End with CTRL/D or ESC
      Use CTRL/B to insert a file, CTRL/E to enter editor, 
      CTRL/F to run text through a filter, CTRL/K to redisplay 
      message, CTRL/L to clear screen and redisplay, CTRL/N to 
      abort, CTRL/P to run a program and insert output.):
    You may begin typing your message.
  6. Remember to press Enter as you near the end of a line.
  7. If you make a mistake, use the Backspace key to back up and re-type.
  8. Do NOT use the arrow keys to move the cursor around.
  9. When you are all done typing your message, press ^D.
  10. You should then see the Send prompt S>
  11. To send the message, type s and press Enter.

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