Camp Calendar : July 10-21, 2017

Camp 2017 Daily Schedule

Week 1: July 10-15

Mon,Jul 10
  • Registration
  • Welcome Ceremony: Agenda
  • Campers Handbook -rules, drop off and pick up times, etc
  • Overview of Camp Topics and Group Instructor Introduction:
    • Introduction to Data Science,
    • Careers in Data Science;
    • Understanding Citizen needs through Sentiment analysis (Group 1),
    • What businesses are in Newark - Business Data analytics (Group 2),
    • How is our health in Newark - Health data analytics (Group 3),
    • Are we safe? - Crime and Vacant Lot (Group 4),
    • Security and Privacy Issues
    • Can we afford a housing? -- Housing Price Prediction (what drives this?)
  • Campus Tour -Rutgers University Newark, Express Newark, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Group Tasks:

    • Group photos (group and individual photos)
    • Group website development, share data via group site.
  • Dismissal TBD
Tue, Jul 11
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • What is machine learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Use of AI for improving services our community and our lives
  • Tools and data sets: Senti-Strength, Twitter/Yelp other social media, Python, Tableau, Excel
  • Begin preparation of Powerpoint Presentation
  • Group Tasks:

    • Use the analytics techniques (data summarization/tabulation/visualization) learned today to analyze your group's dataset. Prepare a slide presentation to show the trends or characteristics to help the managers to make decisions.
    • Each group prepares some slides summarizing this module, and update each group website
  • PM Activity (3-D Printing Lab)
Wed, July 12
  • Topic:

    What types of companies/employers exist in the City of Newark?
  • Apply the data analysis and summarization techniques to understand different types of companies/industries existing in Newark.
  • Datasets:

    Newark data set.
  • City of Newark Anchor institutions/vendors
  • Newark Economic Development
  • Tools: Excel, Tableau, R Studio data visualization
  • Internet Safety and Cyber Security continues
  • Continue Powerpoints
  • Group Tasks:

    • Prepare a report for Mayor of Newark about the industry status and future recommendation.
    • Learn how to visualize data
    • Discuss your career prospects in Newark. What can you tell
  • PM Activity (3-D Printing Lab)
Thur, July 13
Fri Jul 14
  • Field Trip to Liberty Science Center
  • Pickup information TBD
  • Dismissal Time and Location TBD


Week 2: July 17-21

Mon, July 17
  • Topic:

    Health Data in Newark neighborhoods
  • " General overview of healthcare concerns within the City of Newark
  • Asthma data analysis by age, gender and race
  • Data sets : Newark health data

  • Group Tasks:

    • advanced Tableau analytics: Trends, grand total
    • Learn data visualization using Word Cloud
    • PM Activity (3-D Printing)
Tue, July 18
Wed, July 19
  • Topic:

    Urban Planning: Where to locate businesses?
    • House Price Prediction
    • Vacant lot data analysis
  • Group Tasks:

    • Each group chooses one topic on cybersecurity and privacy and summarize them into the slides.
  • PM Activity: 3D Printing
Thur, July 20
  • Topic:

    Group presentation slides, and websites.
  • Group dry run.
Fri, July 21

Daily Program Schedule (Subject to change)



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