Camp Calendar : June 29- July 10, 2015

Camp 2015 Daily Schedule

Week 1: June 29 - July 3

Mon, June 29
Tue, June 30
  • Topic:

    How do businesses know their customers online purchases and how do they utilze them?
  • Data collection methods by businesses are discussed, and introduce Data summarization techniques to understand sales and customers.
  • Datasets:

    Online customer transactions data set.
  • Group Tasks:

    • Use the analytics techniques (data summarization/tabulation/visualization) learned today to analyze your group's dataset. Prepare a slide presentation to show the trends or characteristics to help the managers to make decisions.
    • Each group prepares some slides summarizing this module, and update each group website
  • Group Discussion on Security and privacy issues (Identity Theft)

    View 10 mins of the video. Research the concepts, techniques and discuss impacts of hacking activities.
    Learn security concept (id theft) and write a summary
Wed, July 1
  • Topic:

    What types of companies/employers exist in the City of Newark?
  • Apply the data summarization techniques to understand different types of companies/industries existing in Newark.
  • Datasets:

    Newark data set.
  • Group Tasks:

    • Prepare a report for Mayor of Newark about the industry status and future recommendation.
    • Apply data summarization technique to understand the available industry types
    • Learn how to visualize data
    • Discuss your career prospects in Newark. What can you tell
  • Group Discussion: Security and privacy issues

    Social Engineering Brute Force Attack /Dictionary Attack Phishing
Thur, July 2
  • Topic:

    What kind of data do local governments collect and how do they utilize them?
  • Datasets:

    Government’s public safety data set.
  • GIS: geocoding , Reverse Geocoding
  • Tableau: Public Safety data analysis and Map Visualization
  • Group Tasks:

    • Prepare slides to inform the city police the status of the public safety based on your analysis of the current available dataset, and recommend how to improve different neighborhoods in Newark to make safer and friendly neighborhoods.
    • Analyze and compare the public safety status of different neighborhoods of Newark.
    • Each group prepares some slides summarizing this module, and updates each group website.
  • Group Discussion: Security and privacy issues (Customer data collection & Tracking)

Fri, July 3
  • No Camp -- Rutgers University is closed for July 4th Holiday. Discuss different methods of citizen data collection Read this article on Uber's data collection policy and discuss the pros and cons, and propose any ideas how to a ddress the issues.


Week 2: July 6 - 10

Mon, July 6
  • Topic:

    can local governments improve the city's neighborhoods?
  • Data sets : Public safety data

  • Group Tasks:

    • advanced Tableau analytics: Trends, grand total
  • Group Discussion: Security and privacy issues

    • Mobile Data Security - End point security
    • platform v. application security v. data security
    • computer virus - anti-virus technology
    • spyware - spy or monitor user activities
    • unauthorized access - firewall,
    • intrusion - intrusion prevention/detection,
    • application control - trusted applications, blacklisting of application
    • device control (e.g., USB key use policy - data blocking)
    • network access control
Tue, July 7
  • Topic:

    Using data analytics, understand citizens interests, requests, and find out which department is most or least responsive to citizens’ requests for service
  • Datasets:

    Citizens’ service request and social media data set
  • Group Tasks:

    • Describe how does citizens provide their requests or communicate their voices to the local government. Describe how to analyze the citizens’ comments or requests for the local government.
    • Learn data visualization using Word Cloud
    • Analyze the comments or requests by department and determine how many days each department takes to address the service requests
    • classify service requests into different department
    • Measure the service fulfillment delay to improve the government operations
  • Group Discussion: Security and privacy issues

  • Research on Newark Neighboods

    • Choose one topic (architecture, history, notable people, events, arts, music, etc.) and make a documentary film about a neighbood in Newark.
    • Mobile Film making tools
Wed, July 8
  • Topic:

    Group data analytics day. Each group prepares a topic area and prepares their presentation slides, and group websites.
  • Group Tasks:

    • Each group work on their project. Make a proposal for the Newark City government how to improve our neighborhoods based on data analysis techniques in one area.
  • Group Discussion: Security and privacy issues

    • Online Tracking Privacy enhancing technology (PET), Tracking (http header DNT:1 ==> do not track), or Do not track online
    • Browser security/privacy - anti tracking, anonymized browsing (google chrome's incognito browse mode)
    • Internet Cookies (e-Cookies)
Thur, July 9
  • Topic:

    Finalize the presentation slides, and websites.
  • Group dry run.
Fri, July 10

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