Welcoming Note   



On behalf of my colleagues, faculty and students at the Rutgers Center for Information Management, Integration, and Connectivity (CIMIC), it is my pleasure to welcome each of the incoming students to our 2006 Summer Camp at the Rutgers Newark campus.



Engaging young minds in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is a national priority in creating tomorrow¡¯s work force in this age of information and rapid globalization.   


This year¡¯s summer camp promises to be an exciting experience that will be full of fun as well as it will be an academically enriching experience.  As movie producers would go through the process of making a movie, students will go through the process of making scientific information useful and understandable.  Using advanced technology, students will learn how to organize, manage and transform scientific data to create useful information.  I hope this valuable experience will generate more interest among students to appreciate not only the technical details involved but also the end products that deliver useful knowledge on the Internet.   



We, here at Rutgers Newark, look forward to welcoming each one of you to the camp on July 5th.



Prof.  Dr. Nabil R. Adam

Director of CIMIC

Rutgers University