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Building a Mobile Digital Bird Library: A Learning Experience

July 5 – 18, 2006

Middle and high school students from the school district of Newark, New Jersey will be participating in this year’s computer summer camp.  Students will play the role of young software engineers to develop a mobile digital library of bird data.  They face very “tough” users with diverse requirements and needs, including the following.

·        University scientists and students who collect bird data while they are in the field and analyze them to study the bird population patterns/trends and their behaviors in context, i.e. with background information where birds data are collected,

·        Environmentalists who want to be able to report the bird watching results and share these results with others,

·        Young students who want to search, browse and listen to the birds present at certain locations,

·        Non-English speaking parents who would like to have the bird information in their native language, and

·        Users who, due to such reasons as being vision impaired, prefer to have the bird information delivered in audio format, i.e. “talking computer”

 The summer camp participants will collect bird data through Web research as well as through field work.   They will be collecting multi-media bird data, i.e., bird descriptions, sounds, and images.  They will use digital cameras to capture the bird images and sounds from the field as well.  To address different users’ requirements, the summer camp participants will organize the data  and identify key data to help provide easy search and intuitive browsing.  Location-based map interface will be introduced to focus on the importance of bird locations and migratory patterns.    Basic statistical analysis will be performed and automatic speech generation tools and language translation tools will be used.

  On the last day of camp, students will have an opportunity to share their design and mobile Web-solutions with teachers, parents, relatives and friends through a multimedia presentation, which will be open to the public.

During their time at the camp, students will learn and use computer applications and tools to conduct their study. Each student will have access to his/her own computer workstation. Instructors will help students learn the necessary concepts and computer tools and help guide them through the process of discovering the scientific data management process. 

Students will learn how to collect multimedia bird data, organize, and represent them for easy access for various user groups, and provide some relevant  analysis tools.  Students will also have hands-on training in basic application software such as word processing, spreadsheets and a presentation application such as power point.

By the end of the camp, students will have learned the basic problem of information and knowledge organization for easy and intuitive, personalized access of the information.   They will also learn how to interact with their colleagues through a problem-centered approach to learning. The camp will run at Rutgers University Newark campus from July 5th to July 18th from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

For more information on the camp, please contact:

Dr. Soon Ae Chun

Attention:  Ms. Luz Kosar

(973) 353-1014