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CIMIC Science & Technology Summer Camp





Summer camp program provides an opportunity for middle and high school students to explore science and technology disciplines based on challenging and real-world problem solving, and to apply the state-of-the-art technology to understand scientific concepts in solving real world problems.


Specific goals include:


        Stimulate curiosity and excitement in middle/high school students through the introduction of the state-of-the-art computer tools and technology.


        Place students in an actual university environment, interacting with scientists and computer professionals as role models.


        Allow scientists and computer professionals to transmit their own excitement with science and technology and spark the children's imagination and curiosity.


        Demonstrate the feasibility of a career in science and/or information technology


        Disseminate the success of the program to universities and middle/high schools nationwide.

Program information:


Our summer programs are designed to introduce students to technology-based problem-solving techniques through hands-on computer laboratory experience, lectures, field visits and group presentations. Past year program topics focused on the environmental problems such as water quality, smart growth of urban cities, animal biodiversity in our area, scientific decision on where to locate monitoring stations, etc.





This year our program will focus on the biodiversity problem, specifically birds in New Jersey urban meadowlands area. Students will learn about different birds, their characteristics and behaviors, and the scientific techniques from observing birds, counting, and making inventory, and delivering the information to diverse interest groups, including children, senior citizen, scientists, environmental decision makers, handicapped and normal public. The location-based information access and delivery techniques using map and audio interface through mobile users will be learned. This work is based on the research and development results by CIMIC sponsored by New Jersey Meadowlands Commission.

Program Eligibility


The CIMIC summer programs are open to students who are in middle school or high school. Selection for the program is based on the following criteria:


        Students attending junior and high schools (grades 7-12) in Newark NJ area

        A strong interest in science, mathematics, and technology

        Recommendations from teachers and/or counselors

        Underrepresented minorities (African-American, Hispanic, and Native American)


Tentative Schedule:


The program will run from July 5 to July 18 daily from 9:00 to 12:00 PM, at Center for Information Management, Integration, and Connectivity (CIMIC), Rutgers Newark Campus. The daily activities will be posted on the CIMIC Web page.