TIME: 9AM 12 PM, July 12

DESTINATION: Richard W. DeKorte Park location and directions

NJ Meadowlands Commission
1 DeKorte Park Plaza
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071



1. Place and time to meet: 8:45AM

In front of Ackerson Hall between Bleeker St. and University Ave.

A bus will be waiting.


Be sure to be on time for the bus, as it will be leaving at 9AM.


2.      Attire:

a.       Camp T-shirts should be worn.

b.      Comfortable walking shoes

c.       Sunglasses may be helpful.

d.      Insect repellant may be helpful.

e.       Sunscreen is advised.


3.      Activities:


Capture bird data (images, sounds) using mobile prototype

Make use of mobile devices/GPS

Update presentation and Group Web pages (on Thursday)


a.       One member of each group will be responsible for carrying a laptop.

b.      Another member will be responsible for carrying a camera.

c.       One or two members of each group will be responsible for keeping a journal of events/activities in the field trip.

d.      Make sure to take some group pictures, as well as some plant or environmental photos.