Changing Our Communities

Background Information

The City of Newark anticipates finalizing construction of a new arena for the NJ Devils by the year 2007. The arena is thought to be the last piece to the revitalization of the downtown region. Community activists are fearful that once the arena is completed, that the residential neighborhoods will fall into further decline. In order to combat this, the city fathers are encouraging the development of Newark communities. Residents are encouraged to lend their voice to help formulate concepts around which to develop this neighborhood.


The area surrounding the Urban League of Essex County (ULEC) is one that is being targeted for redevelopment. In response to this, the ULEC is sponsoring a Community Revitatlization Contest. Teams of no more than 3 students will enter the competition to develop a viable community revitatlization plan for the community surrounding the Urban League.

Your task is to gather the necessary data, and develop a community revitalization plan for the area within a six block radius of the Urban League's office on Central Avenue. Your plan should encompass all the elements for healthy communities including business, parks & recreation, residential areas, schools, and places of worship. The components that you must submit for your entry are:

  1. A digital map of the area that identifies the current state; and a digital map on which you design your future projection.
  2. A video commercial for your projected view of the community.
  3. A poster on which you will advertise your vision of the revitalized community.