Week 1


•  Learn about digital maps

•  See samples of online digital maps

•  use ArcView GIS program to add data layers to a digital map

•  go out in field and collect data about the area surrounding the Urban League building using PDA's, digital cameras and GPS units

•  transfer data from PDA's and camera and develop a simple Geographical information system using Microsoft Frontpage.

•  Analyze area and make recommendations on how to improve the area



Thursday- Monday of Week 2

•  Home page

•  List of group members

•  Links to elements of GIS system

•  Map of area

•  Buildings/properties will be hyperlinked ,using an image map in Frontpage, to the corresponding page/record.

•  Information page for each building/record

•  A page will be created for each property. This page will contain the picture that was taken in the field trip, as well as the data which was collected.



•  A statement of the problem

•  An analysis of the neighborhood.

•  Students should show a variety of the elements that are in the area by using their GIS system to show the records for each item.

•  suggest changes to the neighborhood and show these changes by clicking on the property on the map to bring up the record.