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Camp 2003 Day-to-Day Activities

July 2003

Days 5-10


Day 5

Day 6

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Day 9

Day 10


Groups will create an ad to promote a specific smart growth principle to be emphasized in their specified town.

Students will take the smart growth principle that they selected and create a blueprint (plan) and suggest places where their smart growth could be implemented.

This day will serve to continue planning of the blueprint.  Groups who finish early will start to revise over work.

This will be the last day where they work on their presentations.  Students will have to create their conclusion slides on the smart growth principle and town that they selected.  They also have to create a thank you slide to conclude the presentation.

This day will serve to improve any work that the groups have been doing. Groups will be critiqued by Dr. Artigas and staff on the whole presentation.  Students will then revise more.

BIG DAY!!! Final Presentation will be shown to students, faculty, staff and other important guests.


  • Windows Operating System
  • Internet Microsoft Explorer
  • Power point
  • Windows Operating System
  • Internet Microsoft Explorer
  • Power point
  • Word
  • Windows Operating System
  • Internet Microsoft Explorer
  • Power Point
  • Excel
  •  Windows Operating System
  • Internet Microsoft Explorer
  • Power Point
  • Excel








Students should make sure that they have all slides in order.  They must present group slides, smart growth definition, 10 principles, info on town selected and have a slide concerning the ad and how that smart growth principle will be added into that community.

Students will make presentations slides on a plan for introduction of smart growth into town selected.

Students will present completed planned blueprint of how their smart growth principle would be implemented in the town.

Students will present the last two slides of the entire presentation.  One will be a conclusion slide explaining how smart growth is lacking or found in a specific region, and how the smart growth principles that are lacking could be implemented into the town by means of an ad and blueprint.

Today will be rough.  Professors and staff will sit and watch each group's presentation and help them make necessary changes. Groups will present ALL of their slides.  (Approximately 15-20)


Teaching Moments







Staff will explain and show good ad representation, what a good ad should contain and why it is important to promote such things.











Staff will show how the introduction of smart growth into the community is important and how group presentations will help in the development of these future plans.  Explanation of what plan should contain.