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Space Technology Computer Summer Camp For Inner City School Students

Urban Issues Camp 2017 Critical Challenges to Urban Areas: Education, Health and Nutrition, Public Safety
Data Analytics: Opportunities and Risks Camp 2015 Data Analytics: Opportunities and Risks
Online Privacy and Security Camp 2014 Online Privacy and Security
2013-logo Camp 2013 Data Analytics & Information Assurance
2008-logo Camp 2008 Global Warming & Technology
Camp 2007 Disaster Management through Information Technology
Camp 2006 Building a Mobile Digital Bird Library: A Learning Experience
Camp 2004 Changing our communities
Camp 2003 Smart Growth in our cities
Camp 2002 Biodiversity Mapping
Camp 2001 Watershed and Contaminated Runoff analysis using satellite images
Camp 2000 Where to put Water Monitoring Stations
Camp 1999 Land Use and Preserving Plants and Wild life
Camp 1998 click to download
video Where to build a Mega mall
Camp 1997 Internet and Web page development
Camp 1996 Computer concepts and the WWW